Starting with Picking the Right Location

Currently Kolache Factory is a national chain, only in the United States.

States highlighted with red below are existing territories and targeted opportunities for new locations. If you are interested in an area that is not highlighted in red, an Area Development Agreement may be required. For more information, please contact us.

Florida Locations

No Current Locations

Florida Opportunities

Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa

California Locations


California Opportunities

Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco

Colorado Locations

Colorado Opportunities


Illinois Locations

Illinois Opportunities


Indiana Locations

Carmel, Castleton

Indiana Opportunities


Kansas Locations

Deer Creek

Kansas Opportunities

Kansas City

Louisiana Locations

Louisiana Opportunities

New Orleans, Baton Rouge

Missouri Locations


Missouri Opportunities

St. Louis

Nebraska Locations


Nebraska Opportunities


NewMexico Locations


NewMexico Opportunities

Santa Fe, Rio Rancho

Oklahoma Locations

Oklahoma Opportunities

Tulsa, Oklahoma City

Texas Locations

Houston (ADA), Austin, San Antonio, McAllen, Dallas

Texas Opportunities

College Station, San Antonio, Dallas/Ft. Worth

Virginia Locations

Virginia Beach

Virginia Opportunities



Franchisee Considerations

In order to be considered for a Kolache Factory franchise, applicants must:

While it is not necessary to have restaurant or bakery experience, a background in the industry will be considered favorably when reviewing an application.

  • Have significant business experience and strong management, leadership and social skills.
  • Demonstrate a strong desire to succeed and be able to function as part of a team.
  • Have the proven ability to manage finances, as well as employees.
  • Be committed to the day-to-day operations of their particular bakery (ies) (For this reason, Kolache Factory does not grant franchises to absentee owners.)

A Tasty Business Opportunity

We invite you to take a few minutes to get to know more about the Kolache Factory. Learn more about the franchise opportunities in a 10 minute pre-recorded webinar.

Watch a Pre-Recorded Webinar

Our Story

Kolache Factory was founded in 1982 in Houston, Texas by co-founders John and Jerri Banks, who identified a need for a fresh, high quality breakfast that could be eaten "on the run."

After the concept was created and launched, one of the primary goals of the founders was to explain to consumers what kolaches were, since few people had ever heard of them in 1982. Although kolaches originated in Eastern Europe centuries ago, many consumers in Houston had not had the opportunity to taste them before. When the Banks' first dreamed of the Kolache Factory, they envisioned a place with food that's not only delicious and more nutritious, but served in an environment that brings back the charm and the warmth of the old world.

John Banks Co-Founder & President