Franchisee Help Article: 2011 Franchises in Social Media Ranking: Franchises on Facebook 

The FrachiseHelp.com article of the: 2011 Franchises in Social Media Ranking: Franchises on Facebook

FranchiseHelp.com, we thought it would be interesting to consider a different perspective on this ranking, re-sorting the top 500 franchise list by assessing franchisors’ ability to garner traction and engagement in the increasingly critical realm of social media.

So many of today’s most influential consumers expect — if not outright demand — that they be able to interact with their favorite products, services, and brands whenever — and by whatever channel — they wish. For franchisors who take seriously their customers’ expectations and who strive to maximize their franchisees’ investment in the brand, mastering the social media sphere has thus morphed from interesting extracurricular pursuit to absolutely essential marketing and promotions activity.

But which franchise is top dog in social media?

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